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Oh my.


Strange Lime Animation

2010-10-26 23:03:31 by Miggs

We are now officially looking for animators. Anyone with a good sense of timing, humor, and pacing who can produce some clean, simple, reasonably-professional looking work, contact me at john@strangelime.com. Have your online portfolio ready.

Strange Lime Animation

Revamps = Re-tardations

2008-07-31 15:52:27 by Miggs

Despite the fact that it has still yet to be launched, the Strange Lime Pictures website has recently been redesigned, once again. Issues have been overcome, and programming is now on schedule. Sorry for the delay, but the website will be up and running (and released!) shortly. There may even be a movie :)

The official Strange Lime Pictures website is near completion. As of now we are working out the cosmetics of the community section and fixing links. Most everything is up and running.

Once all of this is complete we will be ready for release, and finally have time to work on some toons (that means Nuggets)! So hopefully we will be seeing you guys in the near future with some quality flash entertainment :D

Closing in on the Completion of Strange Lime Pictures

Nuggets via SLP (Coming Soon)

2007-12-11 22:26:07 by Miggs

Well, it's been a while. Two years, I'd say, since the last glimmer of Nuggets. Eight or nine months since the last sighting of NuggetFuck.com (without the porn takeover). To the diaspora of Nuggets fans out there, we address the following announcement: Nuggets is coming back via Strange Lime Pictures.

The goal: To create the ultimate Nuggets experience. Uncompromised.

For you dumbasses out there, that means a movie. Whether it gets picked up or not, it will be made, and it will be better than anything you've seen so far. Be sure to check strangelime.com for information concerning the movie, in the next few months, when we release the site.

Strange Lime Pictures will be specializing souly in flash entertainment (for now), whether it be for DVD release, or online release.