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Nuggets via SLP (Coming Soon)

2007-12-11 22:26:07 by Miggs

Well, it's been a while. Two years, I'd say, since the last glimmer of Nuggets. Eight or nine months since the last sighting of NuggetFuck.com (without the porn takeover). To the diaspora of Nuggets fans out there, we address the following announcement: Nuggets is coming back via Strange Lime Pictures.

The goal: To create the ultimate Nuggets experience. Uncompromised.

For you dumbasses out there, that means a movie. Whether it gets picked up or not, it will be made, and it will be better than anything you've seen so far. Be sure to check strangelime.com for information concerning the movie, in the next few months, when we release the site.

Strange Lime Pictures will be specializing souly in flash entertainment (for now), whether it be for DVD release, or online release.



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2007-12-11 22:56:31

Shit, this news makes me fucking horny. Im gonna be your first customer for sure. I am mega excited. Also when do you think the Strange Lime Pictures Site will be up so that i may explore it?

(Updated ) Miggs responds:

Well, my horny friend, Nuggets is fantastic masturbation material!

Not sure when the site will be up, exactly, but it shouldn't be more than a week into January, if not a week or two from now. If we have a release date I will post about it here, off of the NG newspage. But once it is released, we will do a frontpage post again. So, hopefully, you'll hear about it.

And thanks for the support, man! Glad to see someone still remembers the Nuggets.



2008-01-13 21:52:08

holly shit i cant wait

Miggs responds: