Strange Lime Animation

2010-10-26 23:03:31 by Miggs

We are now officially looking for animators. Anyone with a good sense of timing, humor, and pacing who can produce some clean, simple, reasonably-professional looking work, contact me at Have your online portfolio ready.

Strange Lime Animation


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2010-10-26 23:11:16

still trying to animate bipeds lol
it's a bitch in max 2011 =_=

Miggs responds:

Actually, there will probably be zero biped animation involved. All squishy, elastic, circular shaped nuggets ;)


2010-10-26 23:42:03

im jus sippen on some cheap wine listenen to some vinyl, about to pop in some classic film and watch it with Some girtl I met at a community college campus What Up Broski!!!

Miggs responds:

Lol, close. I've sworn off community poon, however. For now at least ;)

Good to hear from your crazy ass.


2010-10-27 00:30:44

i'm still up for doing it if the deadlines aren't super strict. i am in university ya dig?

Miggs responds:

If your animation works well for the project, we'd figure something out, but we need to see something first. The whole purpose of hiring an animator is to make things work faster and smoother.


2011-02-21 17:07:52

Check out my latest to see my animation styles. If you like it, let me know.


2011-02-27 19:51:47

Does this mean we'll be seeing new nuggets soon?