Closing in on the Completion of Strange Lime Pictures

2008-02-08 08:18:07 by Miggs

The official Strange Lime Pictures website is near completion. As of now we are working out the cosmetics of the community section and fixing links. Most everything is up and running.

Once all of this is complete we will be ready for release, and finally have time to work on some toons (that means Nuggets)! So hopefully we will be seeing you guys in the near future with some quality flash entertainment :D

Closing in on the Completion of Strange Lime Pictures


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2008-02-08 08:24:45

and now we w8 :3

Miggs responds:

Yessum :)


2008-02-15 04:22:26

cool !!!


2008-02-27 03:59:41

what are nuggets??????





worlds longest comment

Miggs responds:

Enjoy :D


2008-03-16 12:09:29

MOAR NUGGETS??????????????????????????????

Miggs responds:

Si, senior!

Stay tuned :)


2008-05-03 22:18:48

oh yesss! im waiting for the nuggets pleasures since the ze baby... cmon give that i need it to breath

Miggs responds:

Yeah, sorry it's been so long. Real life infringes on art, you know.

But it's a comin'! :D


2008-05-23 01:18:20

still waiting! i know it's gonna be AWESOME. good luck!

Miggs responds:

It most certainly shall!

And thanks :)

We will get it all out to you guys as soon as possible. We're just trying to ensure that it's the best it can be :D


2008-06-27 22:06:37

So ...... The nuggets are coming back?

Miggs responds:

Yes, they is :)